Gabrielle Keller

Letters From the Road

Photographs by Gabrielle Keller

Gabrielle Keller teaches photography and digital media at Montserrat College of Art. She currently rides a 1978 BMW R65.
Text by Ethan Berry Ethan Berry teaches printmaking and video media at Montserrat College of Art. He currently rides 1981 BMW R100RS

Foreword by Anthony Rotundo
Anthony Rotundo is the author of American Manhood: Transformations in Masculinity from the Revolution to the Modern Era (Basic Books, 1993). He is a teacher of history at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, where he is Co-Director of the Brace Center for the Study of Gender.

"You have created a unique piece of art..the combination of the two creates a timeless moment.. I am refreshed to travel with you as you transform the literal into a metaphor for every person's journey."
Robert Perkins documentary filmmaker, Cambridge, MA author of "Into The Great Solitude", and "Talking To Angels"

"It seems there is a bit of adventurer in all of us who sit at a desk daily and dream of motorcycles, wind in our hair and the feeling of freedom. Your photographs and text gave us the chance."
Lillian Lambrechts art curator, Fleet Bank, MA

"I was taken by your unique and perceptive vision."
Arthur Lazaar professor, Lake Forest College, Illinois author of "Intimate Landscapes"

"What separates your book from past accomplishments in the field is the universality you have achieved by joining male and female observations of an activity that has been traditionally populated by male devotees. The two sensitivities present satisfying and lively interpretations that blend and contrast; involving the viewer/reader as a third participant in a search for meaning."
Nicolas Bowen professor, Kuztown University, PA

"I was impressed with how words and images by two different artists could combine to create a third, totally new entity. It fit in beautifully with the theory of "sequence", where the sum of the whole is greater than the parts."
Peter Laytin professor, Fitchburg State College, MA author of "Creative Camera Control"

"It is about the experience of motorcycles: the tactile, sensual and emotional experience of an object seen (by all) and used (by some) everyday. More centrally, this book is about looking again - perhaps even for the first time - at aafamiliar object, as if it were an object one has never seen or experienced before."
Jane Smillie professor, Boston University, MA